Founder Friendly Investor Reporting

Unified portfolio data all in one platform. Rundit’s platform enables you to track selected metrics and updates. All you have to do is invite the startups and the reporting will become automated and hassle free.

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Portfolio Updates

Regular updates from your portfolio companies


at the same time

No more chasing companies for updates


In the same way

Unified structure to all updates


In the same place

All reports are in one place, easily accessible


Track Startups metrics

On the Rundit platform, you have an overview of the most important KPIs from all your portfolio companies. No need for spreadsheets or emails, export existing spread sheets and choose what metrics you wish to track without losing any progress.

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Be notified with updates

Rundit reminds startups to write short updates , no more sending reminder emails. Simply login to check regular updates from portfolio startups.


Centralized data storage

From now on, there is no reason for you to use multiple platforms to track performance of your portfolio. All startup data, their performance metrics and track records are stored in one place and easily accessible.


Find the latest Startup data effortlessly

Simply by logging in to Rundit, your company and startup data is visible in a structured and easy to find format. We ensure a clean and concise structure that will make yourself easy to find.


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