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What Customers
say about us

Kristina Lunnas

CFO & Operations Director @Inventure
“Using Rundit saves us time, as we are able to pull out all portfolio data from one place instead of dealing with multiple different excel files.”

Diogo Cristofolini

Investment Analyst @Katapult
“Customer support is responsive whenever our companies and we need. This has been an amazing experience and a great value that we get from Rundit.”

Ana Pinheiro

Operations Manager @MSM
“Rundit makes my life so much easier. It's a source of truth for our portfolio KPIs.”

Vuyo Mzini

Head of Portfolio @Launch Africa
"Rundit lets everyone focus less on data collection and more on insight and value creation."

Elena Pikulina

Associate @Relay Ventures
“Rundit's dashboards save me at least three hours from preparing internal reports every Friday.”

Tommaso Condulmari

Data Analyst
"The interactive LP report has helped us reduce our report compilation time by nearly 50%."

Petra Müller

Head of Platform and Portfolio @Manta Ray
“The biggest result is time-saving. It's a cut down by 50%. Instead of searching all different folders for the right information, we now have everything in one place and a better view of how our portfolio companies are performing.”