Get investors 

to love you!

Wonder why some Founders are more successful in raising funding than others?

Investors invest in people, not companies. The key to a good relationship is regular communication. Getting Investors to love you doesn’t happen overnight.



meetings necessary for getting an investment


average time to build a company


seed round fundraising period in Europe


of investors agree communication is vital in fundraising


Rundit investors jointly have more than 1b dollars in their funds. If they chose Rundit as their communication tool with startups, maybe you should do the same. 


Investor reporting starts before the investment, keep contact and show development to potential investors.
— Inventure VC

Rundit is the most founder friendly investor reporting platform 

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Unified reporting

Write only one report for all your investors


it takes only 15 min

Rundit basic template has only 4 bullet points

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Simple and easy investor reporting

Only a few bullet points from time to time will get you a long way. From now on, that's is all you have to do. We give you a template, remind you to fill it and you just need to dedicate 15 minutes of your time. If that gets you future investment, is it worth it?


Track your most important KPI’s

Rundit gives you an easy way to keep all your metrics at one place and instantly share it with existing and prospective investors. You can also link your Google sheet directly to Rundit, so that you don't have to do any extra work. Simply re-sync the sheet from time to time. 


Share files with your investors

Most of you have your files in Google drive or Dropbox, maybe even in some email attachment. It is a mess. Keep everything at one place and share files with existing and prospective investors easily. 


Full privacy control

Have a full control over who can see your data and who you want to share updates with. We can assure you that your data is secure with us. 


Don't sign up if you are happy with what you have, otherwise...