founder friendly investor communication

Be a trusted Founder

Open and regular communication is crucial for building a long lasting relationship with all your investors. 
Rundit is a tool that gives structure to communicate in a simple and professional way.

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rundit for founders

Designed for no entry barrier

Rundit is the simplest investor reporting tool on the market. It's simple, quick, credible and free for founders.  In a few minutes you can provide a short update and the most important metrics. 


metrics table

Track your most important KPI’s

Rundit gives you an easy way to keep all your metrics at one place and instantly share it with existing and prospective investors. That's it.


MONTHLY updates

Just four bullet points is enough

Only a few bullet points a month will get you access to your Investors vast knowledge. From now on, that's is all you have to do. No more awkward silence, Excel sheets, long emails, Dropboxes...


investor list

All investors on one place

We know how much of hassle is to keep all your investors happy and answer all their questions. Especially when we consider that they come in various forms and tools. On Rundit, all your investors are on one place and whatever data you have on the tool is automatically shared with all of them. 


File storage

Keep all important files safely

Most of you have your files in Google drive or Dropbox, send updates to investors by email, keep all your metrics in Excel or Google sheets. It is a mess. Keep everything at one place and share files with existing and prospective investors.


reminders and notifications

Automatic reminders

Never miss an update again! Schedule a reminder to fill up the metrics and to send a report to your stakeholders to keep them happy. Happy investors mean less headache for you.



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