Founder Friendly Investor Communication

Get your Investors to love you

Wonder why some Founders are more successful in raising funding than others?

Investors invest in people, not companies. The key to a good relationship is regular communication. Getting Investors to love you doesn’t happen overnight.

If I stop getting investor updates from you, I’ll assume your startup is either dead or going to die.
— Jason Calacanis
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rundit for founders

Focus on what really matters

Just four bullet points once a month is enough reporting for VC’s and angels. Communication between the founders and investors is extremely important, however it shouldn't be time-consuming. There is now more time for you to focus on running your business and finding that hockey stick.


rundit for investors

Make the Founders life easier 

Reporting is viewed as a tedious and unproductive task, when it should be simple and fruitful. Rundit let’s your portfolio companies quickly update their progress and numbers to all stakeholders saving them a lot of time. 



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