Founder Friendly Investor Reporting

Wonder why investor reporting is a pain for VC's and Founders? Stop requesting for spreadsheets, templates and email updates and join the 21st century using a unified format. From now on, your portfolio's data is always in one place.

This way, the Founders have more time to focus on their business.



Portfolio Updates

Get regular updates from your portfolio companies


In the same time

No more chasing companies for updates


In the same way

All the updates you get have the same structure


In the same place

And everything is in one place, forever

You invest in top technology companies and still using Excel sheets for collecting portfolio data. Really? 


Track your companies' metrics

On Rundit platform, you have an overview of the most important KPIs from all your portfolio companies. No need for spreadsheets or emails. If you need some metric, it is there.

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Get regular activity updates

Startup founders are very busy and informing investors is not on the priority list, at least until they need more money. Rundit reminds them to write you a few words , so you don't have to check up on them all the time. Seeing what your companies are doing is now as easy as logging in.


Centralized data storage

From now on, there is no reason for you to use multiple platforms to track performance of your portfolio. All your company information, their performance metrics and track records are stored in one place where you can easily find it.


Find the latest company information easily

You hired a new portfolio manager. You need to explain what your companies do and how well they have performed over time. The only way to do this is to go through tones of files and papers spread all over the place. Now, just log in to Rundit and all the information is there. Everything is structured and easy to find.


Export data into Excel

All the data on the platform can be easily exported into an Excel sheet where you can use it to communicate it forward to your partners. If you have a global portfolio, during export you can convert all your portfolio financials into chosen currency.


Don't sign up if you are happy with what you have, otherwise...