“Having everything sorted in one place, I’m able to save 50% of my time,” Petra Müller from Manta Ray VC

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The story

1. Tell us about Manta Ray and how you differ from other VCs?

We’re an early-stage VC backed by a single family office, so we don’t have the exact same structure and process as a traditional VC might have. We’re very flexible on aspects like growth timelines and ticket sizes; we consider ourselves patient capital.

2. Which industry and how many portfolio companies that you’ve invested in? What is your usual ticket size?

Our sweet spot is Seed/Series A, and we will typically look at anything in food, agriculture, construction, and health care. The first ticket is about € 1-2 million. We’re at 45 portfolio companies.

The challenges

3. What are the challenges you’ve been dealing with before using Rundit?

The challenge was that our founders report their results in different ways – monthly, quarterly, yearly… We used to store data on our internal folder system, Excel sheets nested in different locations. The data was not only all over the place, but it was also all formatted differently, not to mention that we have varying levels of granularity when it comes to data. Therefore, it became more frustrating and time-consuming when we gathered data for our reporting requirements.

The solution

4. Since you are managing portfolio companies in Rundit by yourself instead of inviting them to the platform, what is the reason behind and do you establish any process to collect company data and integrate it into Rundit?

The reason why we manage companies ourselves in Rundit is that we try and leave the founders to do what they’re best at – building the company. If there’s something that we can take off of their hands in terms of reporting and sending us data, we will do that.

“The reason why we manage companies ourselves in Rundit is that we try and leave the founders to do what they’re best at – building the company.”

— Petra Müller, Manta Ray VC

Rundit makes it so easy for me to input data quickly every quarter, ensuring that we collect and upload all of the essential data. We would let our companies know what we need, and they will submit it by themselves. With the necessary information in hand, I use Google sheet integration to sync data into the platform.

5. How do you use the investments overview, portfolio overview dashboards and portfolio internal views?

We utilize the dashboards for our knowledge and internal reporting. I use portfolio internal views the most since all the crucial information is in one place. If we need to reference something or show it quickly to our LP, we just go to Rundit, check the numbers, and put it into the report.

The results

6. What are the most significant results after working with Rundit? 

“The biggest result is time-saving. It’s a cut down by 50%. Instead of searching all different folders for the right information, we now have everything in one place and a better view of how our portfolio companies are performing.”

Moreover, it’s really hard to like visualize performance when you’re looking at a balance sheet. The graphs in Rundit have been beneficial in flagging things to investigate, together with other functions like the actuals & forecasts which help us visualize the difference. These signals are really important for VCs, the more signals we get, the better we become and Rundit has been great at helping us find those.

“The graphs in Rundit have been beneficial in flagging things to investigate while the actuals & forecasts help us visualize the difference.”

7. Why do you think Rundit is a perfect match for the family office? 

From the option perspective, when we were looking for tools, there were many ideal tools for big funds with a lot of functionality. Among them, Rundit was the perfect match for us regarding functionality and pricing.

I’m sure that there are a lot of smaller funds out there that are looking for a good solution that is not over-engineered, not so complicated, or they wouldn’t use the whole tools in the platform. Keeping that in mind, Rundit was a perfect mix in terms of tools and price range, so we’ve been really happy.

Enhance productivity and transparency within your VC team
Enhance productivity and transparency within your VC team

Get holistic insights and make decisions from a unified data source.

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