investor reporting tool

Connecting founders and investors

Rundit tool brings structure and transparency in communication between founders and investors. Use Rundit to keep track of your company metrics, update all your stakeholders,  create and share reports and have one place where you can share all important documents. 

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Rundit for founders

Communicate professionally and secure future funding

No matter if you are experienced founder or a newbie, you will find use in Rundit tool. Investors need you to report once a month or quarter. They need it because they want to see your progress and also they need to report to their investors. Yes, they have investors as well. Therefore, if you keep them informed and share your progress regularly, you will be loved. Remember this when the next round of financing comes. 


Rundit for investors

Have an eye among the founding team

When it comes to following your investment, currently it is one big black hole. You give money and they often disappear. Sometimes you are part of the board and you see the progress first hand but there are those damn reports. You need accurate data. Where is the report from last month? What was the revenue of this company? Did they have any?
All of it is on Rundit now. No more pain. 


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