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With Rundit, you can easily share your key metrics, create reports and update your stakeholders with your recent activities. Secure future funding by providing transparency to all your stakeholders. Sign up now for free beta release.

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Activity feed

Share your activity and ask for help

Use your stakeholders' vast knowledge to improve your business. You can update them with your activity and get imediate feedback from them if you are doing the right things or not. They will get notifications each time you update your activity.

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Automatic reports

Quickly generate investor reports

Gathering all your data and updating your stakeholders is not your favourite task and we know it. Now, generating a report is as simple as clicking a button.

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Reminders and notifications

Automatic reminders

Never miss an update again! Schedule a reminder to fill up the metrics and to send a report to your stakeholders to keep them happy.

Metrics table

Track your most important KPI’s

Everyone is keeping track of their key metrics somehow. Either you do it manually on a piece of paper or you use different spreadsheets. Rundit gives you an easy way to keep all your metrics at one place and share it with all your stakeholders in an instant.

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