RUNDIT in 2023

6+ Years
in the market
nationalities in our team

Our Institutional Investor

Our Mission

We aim to help investors efficiently automate various tasks essential to their operations. Additionally, we strive to enable investment firms to manage their fund activities with ease.
Rundit launches its first investor reporting platform.
The platform is expanded along with the development of a new portfolio management functionality.
Rundit team doubles in size, while the launch of the LP reporting features is met with success, with the addition of 50 new customers using the service.
Rundit expands customer base to over 30 countries.
Our digital LP Report is unveiled. The combination of Rundit's portfolio management and monitoring solution together with the LP Report is category-defining.
Jori Karstikko
CEO & Co-founder
We want to empower investors to make impactful decisions and to position themselves for success. At Rundit, we take pride in providing solutions that increase transparency, accuracy and productivity in a few simple steps.

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