Benefits of Portfolio Management Software for VCs

Let’s face it – portfolio management is tedious, repetitive and typically not very straightforward. One would say it can even get complex and confusing, especially with a growing number of portfolio companies. So what are some ways of making the process easier for portfolio managers? Portfolio management software is definitely a good starting point! While it’s obvious that portfolio management is not just about reporting and communication with portfolio companies, automating and easing these up can provide great value to you and the companies alike.

One would say that with everything that’s automatable today, reporting of financials and KPIs can go past filling in an excel spreadsheet, which one repeatedly exports, sends, forwards and downloads multiple times. Though excel is a great tool, exporting and downloading gets tedious – especially if you have to repeat the process many times – and oh, just think of how annoying it gets when there’s a problem with a number.

Imagine – one of your portfolio companies sends you a report as an excel spreadsheet – which they had to export and attach to an email and send – all that without a possibility of automation. You open the email, download the file, open it – just as the sender realizes that a typo was made in one of the numbers. The process then has to repeat itself and you have both already spent way more time than necessary on it. It’s even worse if you then want to report to your own investors – what to forward, where to find it and how to make the process as smooth as possible?

So, what are some ways a portfolio management software tool can help you? 

First of all – you get all the reports from your portfolio companies in one place, in one format – a format that you prefer. Rundit’s software provides you with an opportunity to customize every bit of reporting – whatever metrics you want to track, you get a quick and short overview of them with just a few clicks.

Since all of the data is stored in one platform, you don’t have to search in your mailbox for the correct report you need, download it, and repeat the process should there be a mistake made. A software tool for portfolio management can also ease up the process of visualization and comparison of specific metrics that you need.

Reporting with a portfolio management software tool goes both ways of course, you can easily share company reports with your investors without the hassle of forwarding specific reports and having to repeat that after a mistake is uncovered. Real-time changes are always available on the platform.

Intrigued? Try Rundit today – our global investment software platform for portfolio management & investor reporting.

Jori is the Cofounder & CEO of Rundit with years of experience in startup funding and investment banking.

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