[White Paper] ESG reporting demystified: Frameworks, challenges and approaches for Venture Investors

ESG reporting - Rundit portfolio management tool

ESG standards hold significant importance for venture capital investors. As venture investors navigate this complex landscape, understanding the current challenges related to ESG reporting is critical. This white paper aims to shed light on what European venture investors are looking for related to ESG reporting, a big topic in sustainable finance today.  

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The paper highlights the prominent ESG reporting frameworks, challenges, and approaches, while also giving a sneak peek into Rundit’s future ESG features designed to streamline the reporting process, improve compliance, and enhance decision-making. We aim to give the current status of ESG reporting in today’s investment landscape and encourage a dialogue, thereby enhancing understanding and preparedness within the industry.

Key findings from Rundit ESG White paper

  • 3 Frameworks – SFDR, TCFD, and UN SDGs are frequently used as key guidelines for global ESG practices.
  • There’s a growing interest in achieving SFDR compliance, with SFDR Article 8 receiving the most attention among prospective fund-raisers. The surveyed EU-based venture investors have been closely tracking and integrating SFDR and related regulations into their strategies.
  • In terms of ESG data collection, the majority of survey respondents (81.5%) utilize or plan to use manual data extraction methods, primarily through company reports and disclosures, while only a fraction of investors uses automated data collection methods.

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