Raising venture capital: 10 tips for startup founders

For startups looking to scale quickly, securing additional capital is often essential. This may involve seeking external investment, such as venture capital, to fuel the expansion drive.

For many entrepreneurs, the process of raising venture capital can be daunting and time-consuming, requiring significant effort and networking to connect with the right investors. However, with proper preparation and execution, it can be made easier. Here are ten tips that can help startup founders who are seeking to raise venture capital.

Determine Your Startup’s Suitability to Venture Investment

Not all startups are suitable for venture investment, even if the founders believe their business ideas are amazing and deserve substantial financial backing. Timing is crucial, and it’s essential to demonstrate that the company is VC-backable and can achieve the growth and revenues expected by investors.

Venture capitalists seek out business models with high scalability potential, a clear exit plan, and founders willing to cede some ownership. To attract venture capital firms in your industry, you need to ensure that your startup meets these criteria.

Leverage Your Networks

Networking is critical to the success of your startup fundraising. You can leverage the business relationships you have established over time to link up with potential venture capitalists.

The best method would be to get a ‘warm’ introduction to the VC through a mutual connection. A trusted connection can help increase the confidence of the VC.

Before you move in with your pitch, a ‘warm’ introduction’ from an existing portfolio company, a credible advisor or industry partner can help arouse the investor’s interest in your business. As a portfolio monitoring platform, Rundit also helps startup users gain more visibility and get introduced to 7000+ VC contacts within Rundit network globally via Company Fundraising Newsletter.

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Assess your Capital Need

Determining the amount of funding your startup needs can help you identify the right venture capitalists to pitch to, refine your pitch, and determine the optimal timing for your pitch. Additionally, you’ll need to identify key milestones that you hope to achieve with the funding.

Research the Fund Size 

Venture capital firms often have unique investment strategies and focus on specific industries or sectors. To identify the best investors for your startup, you’ll need to conduct comprehensive due diligence and assess the size of the investment fund. You should also research the typical check size that the firm provides.

Knowing the size of the investment fund can enable you to focus your efforts on seeking venture funding from investors who are capable of meeting your capital requirements.

Refine Your Initial Investor Pitch Deck 

To make a strong impression on potential investors, it’s essential to ensure that your documentation is well-organized and easy to comprehend. Your investor pitch deck should include all pertinent information that can influence decision-making and convey a comprehensive view of your startup’s operations and goals.

Create a Compelling Narrative

The business aspect aside, the VCs also need to know a startup’s founders, their values, and their belief systems. Most investors may be interested in watching you execute and hit certain targets before committing their money.

To build a strong rapport with potential investors, it’s important to go beyond the business aspects of your startup and showcase your team’s values, character, and vision. Creating a compelling narrative that highlights your startup’s history and future growth plans can help you establish a personal connection with investors. Using a platform like Rundit to get discovered by investors can also be an effective way.

Figure Out the Fund Cycles 

In addition to knowing the size of a venture capital fund, it’s also important to understand its investment pace and fund cycles. By understanding these cycles and investment patterns, you can avoid targeting investors who are less likely to invest in your startup, thereby saving you time and effort.

Get the Valuation Right 

One common mistake that many startup founders make is incorrectly valuing their companies, which can make it more difficult to secure venture capital investment.

Venture capital firms tend to prefer startups with diversified revenue streams that have the potential for significant growth. By getting your valuation right, you can make your project more attractive to VCs and increase your chances of securing funding.

Understand the Steps of Capital Raising

When seeking to raise capital, you need to understand the basics of venture capital funding. The process may vary from one investor to another. Typically, the first step involves the investor receiving your initial investment pitch deck and the business plan.

The VC analysts will delve into your pitch deck, and if it interests them, proceed to read your business plan. After the necessary background checks are complete, the company decides whether or not to invest in the startup.

Understanding the steps of capital raising for your target VC firm can help you tailor your pitch to suit them.

Understanding Your Deal Terms

Many startup founders make the mistake of undervaluing their companies out of fear that their deals will fall through. To safeguard your startup’s interests, it’s crucial to hire a business lawyer to review the term sheets provided by the VC firm. Doing so can help you avoid unpleasant surprises down the road.


Venture capital investments can provide a valuable source of funding for startups. By following the tips mentioned above, entrepreneurs can increase their chances of securing venture capital, which can fuel business growth, enable potential acquisitions, and boost profitability.

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