Product Update: Cross-fund investments

🎉 Introducing Cross-fund investments

Rundit VC PRO Plus users now can have access to Cross-fund investments, which enables investors to invest in the same company at different times from different funds on the Rundit platform. This feature allows users to add investments from any fund into any company, with all calculations and summaries automatically updated.

Investors can view holdings and fund returns for each fund individually and evaluate performance across all funds. With this feature, investors can have very complex structures with multiple funds and SPVs, and report on all of them with a click of a button.

If investors have made an initial investment from one fund into a particular company, and then make a follow-on investment from another fund, they can track both investments in the system accurately. This new feature allows Rundit VC PRO Plus users to have more flexibility and transparency in their investment portfolio management. All the data is streamlined under one platform.

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Manage your investments with ease
Manage your investments with ease

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