How to Slush: Part 1 – Be Your Own Rockstar!

How to Slush is a three part series (before, during and after Slush) to help all founders crush it at Slush 2018.

Be your own Rockstar!

Startups are the rockstars and Slush is their main event, the final show!

Next level parties, need to see side events and above all, the best networks. On the flipside, Slush as an event is extravagant and eye-catching but don’t let that distract you from the fact that you are there for business. It is easy to wonder without a cause.

Be prepared and stay focused. Let’s face it, you and your targets are going to be distracted by the extracurricular activities at Slush. The key to successfully staying focused is to be extremely well-prepared and sticking to your plan.

Here is a quick guide for you to get what you are looking for.

Determine a goal. Startup conferences are all about networking. Do your homework and make sure you have crystal-clear focus. You are either looking to:

  • find new investor relations

  • find new clients

  • find new key employees / co-founders

  • raise awareness & branding

Strategy: Create luck, don’t rely on it. Book your meetings in advance, don’t entirely rely on the matchmaking tool or assume that you’ll bump into that right person by chance. Side events are a great place to connect, find out which ones are relevant to you and try to get someone to invite you. No one is giving you handouts, you have to go and get what you want!

Preparation. Have everything prepared well in advance:

  1. Variety of Verbal Pitches. elevator pitch (30sec) and full 5min pitches. Be effective with your verbal pitching since you never know how long (or short) you have. The conference is a marathon so make sure you show enthusiasm!

  2. Promotional Materials. Company Teaser or Onepager, plenty of Business cards (with a photo), handouts, etc.

  3. Pitch deck. It’s a beast of its own, here are some tips:

  4. Follow up Email template. Draft a few versions of follow up emails so you can bang them out immediately.

  5. Follow up Investor Reports. Be a credible Founder – stand out from the rest! Investor reports are like a daily diary that anyone can read. Be transparent whether its good or bad news. “Investor reporting starts before the investment, keep contact and show development to potential investors.” — CFO of Inventure VC

Find and connect with investors before Slush using Rundit’s investor relations tool.

Execution. Ditch formality, just be yourself. Don’t exhaust yourself by overbooking since you have to maintain enthusiasm for almost 72 hours. The side events are great ways to access networks you didn’t know even existed or were accessible. Grab as many business cards as you can, move on to the next investor/customer. Be prepared to exit conversations ASAP if it’s not relevant to you, but do it cordially.

Follow-up The most important part. Make sure to get in touch within 48 hours of meeting that person, therefore follow up email templates are crucial. Add them on LinkedIn asap, try to get as personal with them as possible.

Finally, make sure to enjoy yourself as well. Drink water, not just beer. Don’t skip meals. Leave the hardest partying to the closing night. This way you get the most out of it!

About the author:

Jori Karstikko is the Founder & CEO of Rundit with years of experience in startup funding and investment banking.

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