Company Fundraising News: October 2021

Rundit helps startups that are raising funding to get introduced to 7000+ VCs within the Rundit network, globally! It’s a great way to gain visibility – previous success stories include companies from the Rundit network being contacted by new investors.

We’d like to introduce some of the users of Rundit currently raising funding:

1. Lintel Financial Services Ltd – Seed – £ 2 M – UK

We are seeking to build a UK bank for International Students and Young Professionals. Lintel will seek to reach customers ahead of UK competitors and help customers open a UK bank account and transfer funds before leaving their home country.  It meets KYC/AML/PEP challenges using a digital onboarding service that is completed with a face-to-face meeting in the UK.

Contact: Nazzim | LinkedIn


2. Evoy – Series A – € 10 M – NorwayEvoy design, develops and delivers the most powerful electric motor systems for boats in the world. Typically fast boats between 20 and 50 feet, firstly in commercial use, then later for the enormous 50 million boat leisure boat market.

Contact: | LinkedIn


3. Ocean – Pre Series A – £ 4 M – UKOcean is an exciting Fintech start-up which has developed the world’s first SME global trade program where it provides SME’s with an innovative solution to finance their production, imports, inventory and global supply chain. We are disrupting the $17.3 Trillion Cross Border Trade industry. We are growing exponentially with an ARR of US$2 million and US$10 million in purchase orders in the pipeline. We already have US$$1.65M committed by leading VC’s. We only have US$3.35 million left and are now looking to close out the round. This round will take us to a US$10 million ARR and set us up for our major Series A next year.

Contact: Vishal – | LinkedIn


4. YAFFTR Limited – Pre-Seed – £50 M – UKImagine all of the social media platforms rolled into one. Start with free speech, and then add responsibility. Then, what if we paid you with a new cryptocurrency to create, share, like, dislike and comment? That’s YAFFTR! Bark. Don’t Bite. ™

Contact: Bill White – | LinkedIn


5. Keep IT Cool – Pre Series A – $ 2 M – KenyaWe are transforming fishing communities by providing decentralized cold chain and market access through pay as you go reefers (cold trucks) and coolers reducing post harvest losses, increasing incomes for fishers and fish farmers, processing and retail levels and allowing direct distribution within urban centres in Kenya.

Contact: Francis | LinkedIn


6. Leaf – Seed – € 2 M – GermanyLeaf enables brick & mortar merchants to understand, engage and retain in-store customers via our AI enabled analytics and retention platform. We’re already helping 100+ SME merchants engage with their customers better and are piloting with our first enterprise customers, helping them collect data about every in-store customer in a frictionless fashion.

Contact: Mitul Jain – | LinkedIn


7. Well Seasoned – Seed – $ 500 k – USWell Seasoned is a DTC brand featuring pre-seasoned, ready-to-cook meats. We make a home-cooked meal simple by solving the hardest part of cooking with a rotating offering of exciting, perfectly seasoned proteins. Just add heat! Founded by Dan Treiman, former COO of HelloFresh US (#1 Meal Kit in the US, IPO 2017, $15B market cap) and Yumble ($23M raised, 2.5M+ boxes shipped, Shark Tank 2018) and Jeff Sigal, who spent 8 years at Smithfield Pork managing the global McDonalds business.

Contact: Dan Treiman – | LinkedIn


8. centralF – Pre-Seed – $ 750 k – 1 M – US, IsraelcentralF solves the New Normal by providing measurable decision support, enabling true flexibility for distributed workforce management and facilities planning/restructuring. Our AI algorithms combine people and facilities’ analytics to provide actionable data-driven insights for organizations’ and facilities’ management.

Using proactively suggested flexibility policies for sites/tenants/teams based on their unique needs, companies can reduce their footprint while landlords can make more revenue by adopting new business models. As a result, companies achieve Increased Employee Productivity, Improve Engagement & Retention, Enhance Employee Experience, Foster Organizational Culture and Collaboration, and Massively Save on Rent, utilities, etc. Employees gain Improved Work-life balance and Work Experience, Reduce Commuting, and Save on daily expenses.

Contact: Alexandr Tsimerman – | LinkedIn


9. Storspay- Pre-Seed – $ 500 k – Canada and USStorspay enables 31M+ small business merchants across North America accept fiat & crypto payments in-store. We designed a simple, seamless mobile app specifically for small businesses to facilitate crypto-crypto transactions with a built-in ability to convert to fiat. We enable crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat and fiat-fiat exchanges in-store between merchants and their customers. We have a pre-launch waitlist of 4K+ North American customers with a CAC of ~$2.1 over last 4 months. App will launch in Spring 2022. 

Contact: Sam Alonge – | LinkedIn


10. Ac Doctor India pvt ltd – Pre-Seed – $ 200 K – IndiaAC Doctor is India’s first dedicated air conditioning service platform, providing state of the art AC installation, services and repair through innovative methods, high-tech tools and well-trained teams. The company has developed a unique solution called “AC Sterilization”, a patented chemico-thermo-radiation based process that not only deep cleans the AC but also remove germs and bacteria. The process ensures clean and breathable air and reduce power consumption and maintenance cost significantly.

Contact: Irshad Mubeen – | LinkedIn

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