Company Fundraising News: June 2022

This June, we will present Rundit Portfolio Company users that are currently raising funding.

Rundit helps startups that are raising funding to get introduced to 7000+ VCs within the Rundit network, globally! It’s a great way to gain visibility – previous success stories include companies from the Rundit network being contacted by new investors.


1. Kunduz – Post Seed – Bridge round to Series A – $1,5 M – USA and Turkey

Kunduz is a global ed-tech startup aiming to make educational resources more accessible for everyone and democratize test prep and learning.

Kunduz provides instant study help to students’ questions and makes learning personalized and affordable for all. A student takes a picture of his question and send it to a network of over 35 000 certified tutors. The response time is less than 15 minutes. The student can also chat with the tutor afterwards which makes the solution interactive. Implemented proprietary AI and extensive solution library can now automatically answer up to 90% of the questions and provide 74% gross margin. The company also introduced a B2B2C model with partner schools and learning centers, which is getting an increasing share of the revenues of the company. Kunduz was founded and scaled by a group of friends in Istanbul. Now, it has teams in Turkey and the United States. Kunduz has been funded by renowned Silicon Valley investors such as Y Combinator, Social Capital, First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund, prominent ed-tech angels, and family offices across the world.

Contact: Adrian Hristov | | LinkedIn


2. Hooked Foods AB – Series – €10 M – Sweden

Hooked Foods is one of the most ambitious startups in plant-based seafood globally, one of the big bets in food tech market, estimated to be worth €16B by 2030. Hooked Foods develops, markets, and distributes delicious, healthy plant-based seafood to both food service and grocery. Exceptional large early market traction with key retailers in Sweden: ICA, Coop, 7eleven, MatHem. Although being on the market with product for less than 12 months, products are already among the best rotating in the category. Started international expansion by signing distributor agreements for DACH, Iceland and UK markets. Strong inhouse R&D team, know-how & lab with pending patents for scalable high moisture extrusion recipes and for next generation 3D-printed fillet structure. Outsourced European production with capacity of 110 mt/week to have scalability from day 1 and keep flexibility for other technologies. Closed €4.2M in funding mid-2021 with selected credible and impact-driven investors Raising 10M€ closing Sep 2022 to accelerate expansion to European markets.

Contact: Tom Johansson | | LinkedIn


3. Exirio – Seed – $1 M – UAE/UK

Exirio has developed a desktop and mobile app to track all our users’ wealth. The app provides connectivity to thousands of financial institutions and crypto platforms, full trading history & performance metrics, the largest selection of currencies and no limitation on investment types or asset classes. This is the first step towards Exirio’s ultimate vision: to become the conduit for individual investors to reach financial freedom, expanding their knowledge, improving access to opportunities and overall wealth growth and performance.

Contact: David Martinez De Lecea | | LinkedIn


4. Well Seasoned – Seed – $2 M – US

Well Seasoned is the hack to producing restaurant-quality meats at home, offering a rotating menu of 20 individually portioned, pre-prepped meats that allow you to cook restaurant quality meals with the best possible results in the least amount of time. Team has 25 years combined experience in the DTC Food and Meat spaces (HelloFresh, McDonalds, Smithfield, Slice).

Contact: Dan Treiman | | LinkedIn


5. Agerate – Seed – $1 M – Canada

AgeRate helps consumers who are striving to age better but lack the tools to know how well they are aging and why by providing them with at-home blood testing and a mobile app that allows them to reveal how well they are aging and make targeted lifestyle changes to improve.

Contact: Cole Kirschner | | LinkedIn


6. Freepower AS – Seed – €1,5 M – Norway

We believe in a world without harmful pollution, so we designed a electric boat totally self-sufficient by solar energy – and named it Freepower®

Contact: Martin Bjurmalm | | LinkedIn


7. Bleam (Connax Oy) – Seed – €700 k – Finland

Bleam enables frictionless shopping in automated physical commerce with seamless end customer authentication. It helps people to walk up and get any service nearby in a frictionless manner: seamlessly refuel a car, charge an EV, get a bus ticket automatically, or be flawlessly serviced in an unmanned grocery store. With Bleam merchants are able to get more actual data about their customers, interact with them in real-time and more importantly build an alternative payment acquiring/processing saving millions of €.

Contact: Ilya Sokolov | | LinkedIn


8. Taimi – Seed – €400 k – Finland

Most common diseases today are directly or indirectly linked to nutrition. Your food has become less nutritious because modern agriculture and the food industry focus on volume instead of nutrient density. Medicine is not the solution; they are not designed for that. We can fix this with personalized and precise nutrition; one product with all nutrients you need in exact amounts to balance your nutrient levels and support your body functions based on your data. Just add it to your food once a day. The more you use it, the more accurate it becomes.

Contact: Mikko Revonniemi | | LinkedIn


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