Product update: Diversity highlights

Who are the superstars moving your company forward?

In this new release, we want to introduce Diversity highlights. As we all know, investors tend to invest primarily in people, with business ideas gaining second place in the process of making an investment decision. Varied teams make better decisions and diversity drives innovation.

Diversity highlights in the company management team

With our latest release at Rundit, companies can present their management team to existing and potential investors, including a diversity highlight! Companies are also able to complete their company profiles with a logo.

Company Profile
Founder Profile

Make company profile shine in Diversity

Rundit aims to capture and spotlight the current diversity state in the industry. By filling out this data, you can help bring those results in front of investors. Hopefully, it will make a difference.

👉 In the upcoming months, Rundit will launch a dashboard that reveals to investors the current diversity status of their fund and compare the results to the existent situation in the market.

Rundit promotes a diverse workplace and believes it is a driving force for real change and real gain. While overall progress on diversity and inclusion has been slow, this is not consistent across all companies. Rundit seeks to capture the current diversity state in the industry and by doing so, we could help our investors explore different insights in D&I and shape the trajectories of embracing diversity.

Feel intrigued by this new feature? If you’re an investor, schedule a call with us and get a sneak peek into Rundit platform.

For startup founders, Rundit is all free for you, sign up now and level up your investor report today!

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Manage your investments with ease

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