Product Update: Custom Reporting Reminders

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We are excited to announce that a highly requested feature, Custom reporting reminders, is now live. This functionality will rapidly cut down your time spent on chasing updates from portfolio companies. In this release, we also deployed new exporting options and added investments related updates to the activity log. 

Custom Reporting reminders ⏰

Besides automated reporting reminders, you’re now able to manually send customised reporting reminders to your portfolio companies. Simply check companies that haven’t yet submitted a report and send a customised reminder email directly from the Rundit platform (Portfolio Performance -> Reporting Status).

Fund Performance and Portfolio Summary export 📃

In our previous release, we introduced the Interactive Fund Report. Besides sharing a secure link to the digital presentation on your fund performance, you’re now also able to export the report data whenever needed.

Exporting image charts with investment data 📈

Generate and export fully customizable charts of your investment data – quick and easy!

Investment transactions in activity log ℹī¸

Are you not sure whether something has changed within your investments in Rundit? Keep track on any changes on investment transactions with Activity Log. You’ll find an answer to WHO, WHAT and WHEN.

Have you checked out?

Rundit new Interactive Fund Report

If you really haven’t, you should definitely go ahead and check it out! Based on our extensive research, 9/10 LPs prefer a digital presentation over LP portals or PDFs. 

  • Customize the content, create your own charts and highlight preferred values for both investment metrics and single company metrics.
  • Choose the styling to your preference.
  • Share a link to your limited partners directly through the platform.
  • The report is fully compliant with ILPA and EIF requirements.
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Not a Rundit user yet?

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