Product Update for Company: Changes to Visibility Groups

Greetings from the Rundit Team ❄️ Thank you for being a valued company user of our Rundit platform. We have some significant updates to share that will require your attention.

Scheduled Change: Removal of Visibility Groups ⏰

A new Rundit update is scheduled to take effect on 15.12.2023: the removal of visibility groups from the platform. This decision is geared toward enhancing performance and streamlining the process of testing exciting new features.

Following a careful review of the feedback received on the removal of visibility groups, we have chosen to narrow down this adjustment to affect only the visibility of metrics for the time being. Consequently, metrics will be visible to all investors connected to you in Rundit, while hidden reports and files will continue to remain concealed.

Changes in Visibility Group for company users.

❗ What this Update means for you:

  • Investor Groups: All investor groups will remain as they are set.
  • Metrics: Metrics will be visible to all investors connected to you in Rundit.
  • Published Reports: Hidden published reports will remain concealed.
  • Files: Hidden files will remain concealed.

👉 To ensure a smooth transition, here’s what we recommend you do:

  • Sign In: Log in to the platform.
  • Review Content: Remove any metrics that you do not want all investors to see.
  • Curate Investor List: Review and curate the list of investors, considering that they will have access to all your KPIs and reports in Rundit.

Please note that you can always send reports via email if needed.

💫 We appreciate your understanding as we strive to enhance the product. We will keep you informed of any additional updates, as the complete removal of visibility groups is scheduled for a later phase.

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