Product Update Jan 2021: Multi-currency Investments

We proudly announce that multi-currency investments are now available in Rundit for investors!

What are multi-currency investments in practice?

No longer time-consuming currency conversion. From now on, Rundit keeps you up to date with multi-currency investments without having to calculate currency rates. Store transactions with their original currencies and view the returns with any currency you want.

Investors can now have multiple currencies for separate transactions in Rundit. When the Rundit tool is calculating for example Gross IRR and Multiples, each currency’s exchange rates are taken into account.

With a click of a button, in Rundit you can now see how much you’re affected by the FX fluctuations! 

What is FX exposure?

FX (Foreign Exchange) exposure is something that many businesses face in a global economy. Any time a business makes a transaction in a different country, they expose to some risk due to changing currency values.

For example, looking at the five-year history of GBP to USD conversion rates, the FX rates range from 1.55 to 1.15, which is a 35 % difference.

FX exposure can play a major part in the IRR, once converted back into your originating currency. Even for “stable” currencies such as GBP and USD, there can still be significant volatility resulting in a very different IRR down the line.

Enjoy the new feature! 

If you’re a VC looking for a closer introduction to the Rundit platform, don’t hesitate to book a call here.

Manage your investments with ease
Manage your investments with ease

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