Company Fundraising News: October 2022

This October, let’s meet Rundit company users that are currently raising funding.

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1. STRIVE – Series-A – $5 M – United States

STRIVE is the first true AI personal trainer whose main focus is behavior change. Using patented algorithms and intelligent clothing that track neuromuscular health, fatigue, and injury risks correlated with other metrics like heart rate and motion, STRIVE provides never-before-seen deep insights into how your body functions, how to make your body better, and how to prevent injuries for you. Founded in 2016, STRIVE currently works with NCAA, NFL, EPL, NBA, and MLS teams, along with the US Military and Industrial companies. STRIVE is funded by Venture Capital funds such as Future Communities Capital, SeedtoB, SeaChange, fama Ventures, Jas Ventures, Gaingels, Founders First, and several professional athletes including Jonathan Taylor, Mark Andrews, Jrue Holiday, and Cheyenne Parker.

Contact: Misha Mikhaylov | | LinkedIn

2. Purfresh Clean Inc. – Seed – $2 M – United StatesAutomated and remote tech service to remove odors, mold, mildew, bacteria, and viruses, from boats, yachts, homes, and condos.

Contact: Christian DeBlasio | | LinkedIn

3. Direct Kinetic Solutions – Seed – $5 M – USDirect Kinetic Solutions specializes in powering complex missions in tough environments for decades. We leverage the amazing energy density of our base materials to develop compact, reliable, and safe power sources that can monitor the polar caps for decades, track location of high-value assets for the DoD, and double the life of a small satellite mission.

Contact: Ekhi Muniategui | | LinkedIn

4. Porkchop – Seed – €8 M – SwedenPorkchop is developing a reusable in-space logistics vehicle to provide last-mile delivery for satellites in orbit. We reuse space hardware by docking various modules and use our proprietary solid-metal electric thrusters to make the docking process easier and safer. We currently have a Letter of Intent pipeline worth over $60M from commercial constellation operators who want to lower the total cost of getting their satellites into revenue-generating orbits. porkchop’s founders bootstrapped the company from zero to prototypes in orbit in 2.5 years and with under $20k. We’re raising the next round to demonstrate rendezvous and docking in space and commercialise our technology.

Contact: Matija Milenovic | | LinkedIn

5. Eventual Oy – Seed – €500 k – 1 M – FinlandEventual is an end-to-end disruptive tech solution to energise and grow the event and culture business everywhere. The platform empowers all of us to influence our local events and culture scene with the most exciting people-curated events. We are making the cake bigger for everyone. We make cities, venues, artists and people come alive.

Contact: Miia Khan | | LinkedIn


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