Company Fundraising News: August 2021

Rundit helps startups that are raising funding to get introduced to 7000+ VCs within the Rundit network, globally! It’s a great way to gain visibility – previous success stories include companies from the Rundit network being contacted by new investors.

We’d like to introduce some of the users of Rundit currently raising funding:


1. Flow – Seed – $ 2 M – Iceland


Flow offers access to the transformative benefits of meditation using cutting-edge technology and has provided services to more than 50 prominent corporations in Iceland and the Nordics. Its corporate wellness subscription programs for Flow at work include virtual reality, a web portal, Flow Meditation mobile apps, and online workshops that provide immersive and impactful meditation experiences. The platform features exclusive content that showcases Icelandic nature, international music, and highly effective guided meditations that promote clarity and joy. You can download the Flow Meditation apps now and start your Flow journey. Flow is currently raising funds to expand its proven success in the Nordics to global markets. If you’re interested in learning more about this opportunity, book a time with The Flow founders here.

Watch the Flow team capture Iceland’s new volcano in immersive 360°! BBC’s latest episode of Click climbed the volcano with Flow highlights the benefits of Flow Meditation in Iceland, in virtual reality!

  • Tristan Elizabeth Gribbin – – LinkedIn
  • Flow – LinkedIn


2.  2DEAL – Pre-Seed – € 150 k – The Netherlands

unnamed (3).png

2DEAL (2 DEliver Always) is a Dutch startup that invented a scalable in-car last-mile delivery solution. In contrast to the smart car in-car deliveries, 2DEAL invented hardware that makes it possible to receive parcels/groceries in cars built from 1990 till now. No hardware needs to be installed, the only requirement is a remote lock car key. The partnership is secured with a local grocery delivery company. The successful pilot completed with Dutch parcel market leader.

  • Bert ter Hedde – – LinkedIn


3. Adamant Health – Seed – € 1,5 M – Finland

Adamant Health brings objective real-world data into healthcare to be used for the benefit of people with Parkinson’s disease for faster diagnosis and personalized treatment. Our unique and CE-marked technology is based on over 15 years of academic research. The technology can detect invisible symptoms not detectable with traditional motion sensor-only technologies. Parkinson’s disease is life-deteriorating, expensive and the fastest-growing neurological disorder globally. Optimised care enabling longer independent and working life has a huge impact financially in addition to the improved quality of life for the patient and the family.

  •  Paulus Carpelan – – LinkedIn


4. – Seed – € 500 K – The Netherlands is a media startup creating the most personalised and authentic fan experiences in the BeNeLux (Belgium/Netherlands/Luxembourg) and beyond. Every single person in the world has an idol of whom they would love to have a personal message. With, it is possible to get a personal video message from Dutch and Belgium celebrities for your friend, partner or colleague. Easy, fast and affordable through our in-house made platform and VIP App. Momentarily on a steady 20k revenue on B2C (41 euro revenue on average per ShoutOut). We see an improvement in B2B requests (1k euro of revenue on average per promotional ShoutOut). Expecting break even after investment within 18 months.

  • Richard Klomp – – LinkedIn

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