Company Fundraising News: May 2022

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1. Wattnow – Seed – $1,3 M – Tunisia

Wattnow is an IoT Smart Energy Management Solution that helps companies take control of their energy by reducing their energy-related costs and carbon footprint. Through the combination of its plug-and-play hardware and software, Wattnow enables companies to visualize, in real-time, their energy usage, control and automate certain loads (like lighting or HVAC), and receive alerts and notifications when something goes wrong. The core mission is to make a robust and accessible energy efficiency technology for both industrials, commercial buildings, and corporations.

Contact: Sarra Ben Younes | | LinkedIn


2. Her Company AB – Pre-Seed – SEK3 – 8 M – Sweden

Ella is a medical app that offers digital, safe and accessible support during and after pregnancy. We complement both maternity care and aftercare by predicting, preventing and treating the most common physical and mental complications. We combine caregiver meetings with a SAAS platform, which make room for great scalability. No mother should have to feel anxiety, discomfort or pain if it’s possible to treat or prevent it. That is why Ella is founded by four women with a common passion: to improve women’s health care.

Contact: Emelie Hollsten | | LinkedIn


3. Ichthion Limited – Series-A – $2,1 M – UK

Ichthion is a UK company with operations in South America that develops and implements award-winning technologies and solutions to decrease plastic pollution in our ocean. The company also designs and executes circular economy solutions for its customers based on data.

Contact: Inty Gronneberg | | LinkedIn


4. Pleme – Seed – €2,5 M – Croatia

Pleme is a designer furniture company that disrupts the furniture market by bringing a digital-first approach to an industry that has none. Buying designer furniture online today is next to impossible – traditional manufacturers rely on an obsolete business model which results in untransparent pricing, long lead times, and high retail prices which all lead to a horrible user experience. We design and make our own designer furniture, which is sold online, directly to the customer or a business. All our products are original designs with I.P. protection.

Contact: Pleme |


5. Cinemood – Series-A – $15 M – USA & other countries (distributed team)

We produced the World’s first VR projector for children under 13, which can become the prime portal to the Meta Universe. CINEMOOD has it’s own content platform.

Investment highlights: – proven business model and five years of outstanding traction; – several tens of thousands of regularly paying customers in 100+ countries of the World; – US sales share is 50%; – accumulated revenue is $23M (previous investments were $12M).

The team has successfully launched a complex project with minimal funding while gaining a leading position in the US market and entering into partnerships with Majors like Amazon, Netflix, Disney and others. We are looking for $2M bridge financing. After that – $15M (Round A). The main objective is to finance working capital to meet existing demand and increase revenue 5x times by the end of 2023.

Contact: Alexander Kalinnikov | | LinkedIn


6. Strike Trading Cards AB – Pre-Seed – SEK 5M – Sweden

Sports is about connecting people, making memories and feeling joy. But in a digital world, how do we interact or capture, share, and collect those memories? Strike is building a digital platform and a social network for players to interact, support your team and share memories like Strike’s own digital sport cards for clubs, associations, camps and tournaments. The platform will in the future support creating an NFT of your digital sportcard.

Contact: Mathias Lind | | LinkedIn


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