Company Fundraising News: November 2021

Rundit helps startups that are raising funding to get introduced to 7000+ VCs within the Rundit network, globally! It’s a great way to gain visibility – previous success stories include companies from the Rundit network being contacted by new investors.

We’d like to introduce some of the users of Rundit currently raising funding:

1. – Seed/ A-round – € 2 M – Poland

We support pathologist and oncologists in cancer diagnosis process by software with AI modules. Please visit our website:

Contact: Piotr Krajewski – | +48 694 233 234 | LinkedIn


2. PayFlexi – Pre-Seed – $ 500 k – Nigeria

Today’s consumers are used to making quick, easy payments when shopping online or sending money to friends, and they now expect that same level of convenience for all their payment interactions. PayFlexi is rethinking payments with an emphasis on increasing checkout conversion & businesses’ ability to get paid reliably using flexible payment options such as buy now pay later and layaway payment plans.

Contact: Stanley Ojadovwa – | LinkedIn


3. Tutti – Pre-seed – £ 750 k – UK

A B2B SaaS enabled marketplace that’s essentially “Airbnb for creative spaces” – places for film/photo shoots, rehearsals, live-streams, concerts, and more. It can take days or weeks for creatives to find and book these places, but on Tutti, they find and message the perfect spaces in minutes. At the same time, we help amazing, under-used spaces source new revenue streams for no upfront cost.

Contact: Gabriel Isserlis – | LinkedIn


4. Solint Oy/ Fururizac – Seed – € 250 k – Finland

For MSMEs and individuals with mobile phones who want an alternative banking solutions, Futurizac offers innovative, cheap and tele-operator agnostic financial services. Users can save up to 80% in transaction costs compared to Mpesa which is the current market leader.

Contact: Strasdosky Otewa – | LinkedIn


5. BFD Diet -Series A2 – $ 300 k – Singapore

Meal replacement products for adults looking to lose weight and avoid diabetic symptoms. Leapfrogging market in China with over 250,000 planned distribution points complemented with an online direct-selling model.

Contact: Sasha Bao – | LinkedIn


6. Sagoma -Seed – € 400 k – Russia

Customized automated system of design and project documentation for brick and block detached economy houses. 2D and 3D structural and technological images for different building elements combined in the catalog, provided with descriptions and assemblage sequence, characteristics, estimation data, control plan. Customer chooses basic materials and type of elements structure accordingly his own preferences then gets preliminary construction cost and order designs. Architect produces design and project documentation using ready-made samples of build joints. Designs represented in understandable to non proficient formats. Sagoma gives transparent data for all stakeholders, eliminates misunderstanding and gives to customer reliable, energy efficacious, durable house without errors by the price determined from very beginning.

Contact: Costa Soro – | LinkedIn

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