Product Update: Activity log

Sometimes it can be challenging for investors to stay on top of their work when they’re supposed to manage portfolio companies and coordinate with their co-workers at the same time. In this new release, we’re excited to present: Activity log.

Change is inevitable, but what would it be? Do the changes come through? Do they affect anything? With Rundit’s Activity log, all the activities made from the portfolio level will be listed explicitly, facilitating better change management for the VC team.

What is an activity log?

PORTFOLIO ACTIVITY in the side menu in Rundit

PORTFOLIO ACTIVITY in the side menu in Rundit

The portfolio activity log is a written record of activities made by your portfolio companies or team members toward portfolio data. The activity log can help identify changes and keep investors staying on top of their work. 

By navigating to PORTFOLIO ACTIVITY in the side menu in Rundit, investors can see an accurate outline of the most recent activities, including: 

  • Date/time

  • Activity description: Investor can see whether someone has updated an existing metric value or added a new metric value. Check also if there are new reports published, files added or files deleted.

  • Person: the one who has done updates (either from portfolio companies or VC team members).

  • Metric value: If a metric has been updated, investor can see the previous value and the updated value

Activity log (800 x 600 px).png

Feel intrigued by this new feature? If you’re an investor, schedule a call with us and get a sneak peek into Rundit platform. 

For startup founders, Rundit is all free for you, sign up now and level up your investor report today!


Manage your investments with ease
Manage your investments with ease

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