Product Update: Excel import and new layout

🎉 We are excited to kick off the year 2023 with some great product update news: Excel import and New layout. First of all, onboarding new companies and their data has never been easier, since you’re now able to use our Excel import tool to upload all companies’ metrics in one go! To make the process even smoother, you can bulk edit company information – no need to jump into each profile separately. Additionally, we have released a new, improved platform layout that is making your working flow on the platform seamless.


1. Excel import for all portfolio company metrics 

The long-awaited functionality is now available – with our new Excel importing tool, you are able to bulk add all companies’ metrics at a single upload! This will cut down the metrics upload time significantly, as there is no need to set up an integration for each company metrics separately anymore. ⏳

Login to Rundit platform, select import at the top bar and follow the instructions steps. Quick and easy – all your companies metric tables will be filled in no time.


2. Bulk edit company information 

You no longer need to navigate to each company profile to edit their information one by one. Login to Rundit, select Edit (top bar) -> Company information and you can edit each company’s details within the same page. You’re now also able to add multiple companies easily on the Companies page: Add company -> Add multiple companies.


3. New layout in the platform 

We have launched a new layout on the Rundit platform. 🚀 With the improved UI the navigation in the tool is made even easier than before. Read more and see the instructions here.

Feel intrigued by this new feature? If you’re an investor, schedule a call today, we’re happy to walk you through the platform. For startup founders, Rundit is all free for you, sign up now and level up your investor report today!

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Manage your investments with ease

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