Product Update: Level up Investor Reports with visual charts and table

📣 STARTUP FOUNDERS are now able to add charts and tables to investor reports, with the data pulled automatically from the metrics table! 

The new feature allows the company users to create the next-level, professional-looking investor reports and easily present company results. When creating a new report, simply hit the plus icon next to each category, and select the dashboard type and any KPIs. They can also add images and attachments to the report.

Get Everything On The Page From Visual To Figures: In Rundit, with a click of a button, company users are able to add to their report a colorful chart or a table displaying the chosen KPIs.

Centralized Reporting: Once the founders are finished with creating a report, they can share it with investors in Rundit. The report can also be sent via email to as many contacts as they wish!

Gain Credibility: The appearance and content of the investor reports matter. In order to be a credible founder, the investor reports need to be professional and straightforward. Rundit allows startup founders to keep investors updated with their business performance illustrated by customizable charts & tables, images, and attachments.

Free Of Charge: Normally, startups need to pay in order to use a high-quality investor reporting platform. Nevertheless, company users are not charged for anything on Rundit besides enhancing the relationships with their investors thanks to well-curated reports.

Feel intrigued by this new feature? If you’re an investor, book a call and get a sneak peek into our platform! For startup founders, Rundit is all free for you, sign up now and level up your investor report today!


Manage your investments with ease
Manage your investments with ease

Enhance productivity and boost transparency within your VC team

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