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The story

Katapult, founded in 2016, is a Norway-based investment company focusing on highly scalable impact tech startups which positively impact either the society or the environment. Since its inception, Katapult has invested in around 148 companies across the globe. In 2019, Katapult decided to deepen its environment focus by establishing the Ocean accelerator program focusing on ocean technologies. And this year, this VC doubled down its efforts in the climate space by investing in 18 companies and running two accelerator programs (Ocean and Climate) in parallel.

Over the past year, Katapult has seen huge success in its investments, especially in Insurtech companies. To illustrate, Katapult Ocean’s portfolio companies have raised more than $80M during 2021. And across the whole Katapult’s portfolio since its foundation, more than $200M has been invested in companies in numerous subsequent rounds.

The challenges

Katapult’s team realized the need for an aggregate data source and automated portfolio management tool from the early days. The challenges lay in automating the process and structuring the data to be recollected. Thus, Rundit came in as the right tool to make this happen.

The solution

Between Rundit’s many features and potentials, Katapult’s Investment Analyst – Diogo Cristofolini highlights two key benefits:

  • Amazingly responsive customer service
  • Streamline portfolio reporting from onboarding new companies to reminding their reporting duties

“It’s really good to have a centralized place for portfolio reporting. And more positively, we can invite companies into Rundit and they can use the tool with other investors as well.”

Diogo C., Investment Analyst @Katapult

There is a fact that reporting seems to be a hassle for startup founders. However, reporting in Rundit is a streamlined workflow that is intuitive and simple, according to Diogo. Rundit assists Katapult with reminding companies to report on time and makes investor reporting effortless, since the companies can share their reports to all their investors through the platform, free of charge.

“Customer support is responsive whenever our companies and we need. This has been an amazing experience and a great value that we get from Rundit.”

The results

From collecting company updates to aggregating portfolio data, Katapult has been able to simplify and automate its reporting process with greater efficiency:

“Rundit has been effective in reminding companies of their reporting duties and the time at which they submit their reports aligns with the deadline notifications sent to them.”

Enhance productivity and boost transparency within your VC team
Enhance productivity and boost transparency within your VC team

Get holistic insights and make decisions from a unified data source.

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